PSGE and Pouarua Ratification

Kia Ora Whanau, we would encourage you all to REGISTER and Have your say on the current PSGE and Pouarua Ratification process. If you don’t Register and or attend the Information Hui then you won’t know what’s going on. Now’s your chance to get informed.

Some people have asked “Why are we being asked to decide on the Pouarua farm purchase now”? This is because Pouarua came up on the Crown Asset list as something which Landcorp wishes to sell, now. Overseas interests are keen on Pouarua so now is our chance to purchase a stake in it before the current value opportunity is lost.

You may not know that apart from Crown forests, Pouarua farm is the only significant commercial asset the Crown owns within the Hauraki rohe. It’s an exciting opportunity, we are buying into a business which is this Country’s No.1 economic activity and the largest commercial farm holding within our tribal rohe.

If you are REGISTERED make sure you cast your vote and tick YES in all three boxes!. Now that the information Hui are complete, you can vote online at or send it back by post in the envelope provided. If you ARE NOT REGISTERED or haven’t received your voting pack please call free 0508 666 104. Voting closes 15 September. Mauriora!

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