Ngāti Tara Tokanui Treaty Settlement Ratification

Negotiations with the Crown have now been completed on the Deed of Settlement for the historical Treaty claims of Ngāti Tara Tokanui.  The initialled Deed of Settlement must be ratified by the members of Ngāti Tara Tokanui.

All registered Ngāti Tara Tokanui members aged 18 and over can vote by postal ballot, on-line or in person at the ratification information hui. Voting packs and the ratification booklet will be sent to all eligible members of Ngāti Tara Tokanui 18 years and over.

Full copies of the Deed of Settlement may be viewed on Ngāti Tara Tokanui website and the Office of Treaty Settlements website

Voting commences on 23 June 2017 and will close at 12.00 noon on 21 July 2017.

To view the Ngāti Tara Tokanui Ratification Booklet please click here Ngati Tara Tokanui 2017 Ratification Booklet

To view the Ngāti Tara Tokanui Ratification Panui please click here DoS Panui

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